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Meaningful Topics I Learned in CISB11

Below you will find some meaningful topics I learned in this course. I will list them in descending order, and explain why it is significant to me and how this topic influences me now or how will it affect my life in the future.

Chapter 9 (Network and Security)

I think security should always come first especially when we are dealing with people and businesses that the only way to contact them is via the internet. I find this topic very important because it teaches me to be cautious and what to expect whenever I do business on the internet.

I pay most of my bills, and track all my bank statements online. So, I found this chapter meaningful and significant. It taught me strategies on how to create passwords and gives me ideas about protecting my computer from malwares. I also learned how to cautious with internet scams and frauds. I strongly believe that this topic will be beneficial for me even in the future.

Chapter 8 (The Internet and World Wide Web)

I found this chapter very interesting because I like shopping online. This chapter educated me on what is the difference between Internet Service Provider (ISP), Internet Content Provider, and Application Service Provider (ASP). It even made me realize all the myths about the Internet. One example is the difference between World Wide Web and the Internet. Before, I wasn’t sure about the definition of each, but now it is clear to me that the Internet means the physical network, and World Wide Web is just a collection of pages that you can access through the Internet. This chapter gave me ideas about Internet connections and their speed, so I know what to expect when I shop, download, or upload online.

I also love Instant Messaging because this is how I keep contact with my family and friends, even though they are miles away from me. So I think that this chapter is also beneficial in the future.

Chapter 7 (Networking)

Like what I have stated in the previous chapter, I love to keep contact with my family and friends. In this chapter, I learned about mobile phones, messaging, and paging. However, my favorite subject in this chapter is about the global positioning system or GPS. It is good to know more about how this technology works, and also why it works. I can relay to using GPS because my husband often gets lost, and I always want to go to new places. So getting to know more about this very practical and helpful device is useful and beneficial.

Chapter 4 (Input and Output)

Chapter 4 talks about Input; which is the keyboard, mouse, pointing device, electronic pen and stylus, and other tools that are used to input data and information to the computer. Output devices are tools that provide the user an outcome of the data that was inputted in the computer, a good example is the printer. I found these topics important because in order for me to create an effective project, either for school or for my job, I have to know all the tools that are needed in order for me to be competent and good at my job. So, I found this chapter also helpful because in the future I know that it will benefit me that I have the knowledge and am capable of using the right equipment.