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RAM stands for random access memory; it is the most familiar in terms of computer memory.  It is regarded as random access because memory cell can be accessed directly if the location of column and row is known, unlike the SAM, serial access memory, where data is stored as a series and can only be accessed sequentially.

RAM is an acronym for random access memory.  It is a type of memory that can be accessed randomly, which can be accessed without having to contact with preceding bytes.  There are two different types of RAM:  DRAM and SRAM.  DRAM stands for dynamic random access memory.  DRAM needs to be refreshed thousands of times per second.  On the other hand SRAM does not need to be refreshed therefore it is faster than DRAM.

RAM is an electronic, or volatile, state. When the computer is off, RAM is empty; when it is on, RAM is capable of receiving and holding a copy of the software instructions and data necessary for processing. The Ram is used for the following purposes:
• Storage of a copy of the main systems program that controls the general operation of the computer. This copy is loaded into RAM when the computer is turn on; it stays there as long as the computer is on.

Sound Blaster Audigy SE

Price: $29.99


24 bit / 96 KHZ Playback

8 Channel Audio Output

Karaoke Support

10 Band Equalizer w/presets

Easy connection to home audio equipment

Special effect includes concert hall and more.

Total DVD theater surround sound experience.


DIAMOND XtremeSound 7.1 24 bit Sound Card

Price: $29.99


24 bit / 96 KHZ Playback

Output 5.1

Line in - Microphone in / Digital I/O

Aux audio in

Startech: 5 channel low profile PCI sound card - 24 bit

Price: $30.99


5.1 surround sound output

Includes both low and full profile brackets

Audio playback at 96 Khz/24 bit and recording  at 48 Khz/16 bit

Supports full duplex operation

6 outbound stream and 2 simultaneous input streams

Supports PCI Version 2.2 with ACPI and PMI support

Support PnP installation w/Windows WMD drivers

Three internal auxiliary inputs

From the review of these three manufacturers of sound cards, if I were in need and need to purchase a sound card I would probably go with something from Creative Labs.


The reason why I would choose Creative Labs is while doing my research on the sound cards I elected to go with a sound card with the price range of about $30.00, and out of the three manufacturers it seems like the

Sound Blaster Audigy SE manufactured by Creative Labs offers the most useful features, such as the preset equalizer and the concert hall sound effects, etc., for about the same price as the other sound cards that were manufactured by the other two manufacturers.