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Western Digital – Hard drive manufacturer.

Western Digital was founded in 1970. It is the second largest manufacturer of computer hard

drives in the world. Its main office is located in Lake Forest, California. The company has

about 46,000 employees. Western Digital is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock


The line of product that I like most from Western Digital is their external hard drives. I have

recently purchased a Western Digital external hard drive with 1 TB storage capacity. It

connects via a USB port. It is very portable, I can literally bring and connect it to any computer

system, regardless whether laptop or desktop computers. In addition to that, this hard drive

is so quiet and with so much storage capacity I am using it as a back drive for my systems at



Panasonic – CD/DVD manufacturer.

anasonic of North America is a long standing company that has served and continuing to

serve Americans with innovative products for over 50 years. The company employs over

12,000 employees in the north region. Its main office is located in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Panasonic manufactures a wide array of products ranging from blank cd/dvd’s to household

electronic devices and entertainment systems.

I like the Panasonic brand, I think the brand Panasonic conveys quality because of the reliability

and quality of its products. I personally prefer and own many electronic items around the house

that carry the Panasonic brand name, from televisions, stereo system, to electronic pencil

sharpener. I often choose to buy electronic products made by Panasonic not only because of

the quality but also for the affordability.


Kingston – USB drives.

Kingston Technology Company was found in 1987, its headquarter is based in Fountain Valley,

California. It is the leading manufacturer of computer memory in the world. Kington is wellknown

for its line of RAM sticks.

I often prefer buy RAM’s and other memory products that are manufactured by Kingston,

because of the quality and user friendly of their products.